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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  February 20, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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grab a hold of him, and we struggle up and out the hallway. >> a santa cruz couple turns into crime fighters. how they fought and won. >> it turned into a scene of drunken revelry. >> a bay area neighborhood undergoing a rebirth of sorts. why some are fighting its sudden popularity. >> and a growing shanty town in the south bay. we'll take a tour. police don't recommend it, and criminals don't like it. but a santa cruz couple decided when a pair of burglars came through their front door, they were going to fight back. >> the lights turn on, and i kind of si up wondering what the heck is happening. i look over there, and i can see a pair of -- that looked like banditos.
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>> reporter: he thought it was a joke or a nightmare. but he and his wife seen realized two intruders had broken into their home and were confronting them in their bedroom. >> i think they were surprised to find us. and they talked amongst each other for a second then they start demanding money. >> reporter: before they could hand the money over, the robbers changed their minds. >> they wanted me to put my hands behind my back. >> reporter: now ty wanted to tie them up. their daughters were sleeping in another room. fearing for their safety, his wife went into action >> she picked up one of our heating bags and chucks it at the back of weasel's head, the smaller guy. he's dual-wielding a decorative sword from my wall. >> reporter: he fought the bigger guy while his wife fought the smaller guy whom they dubbed weasel because of his size. he was screaming as loud as he
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could to get neighbors' attention. >> he panicked. he realized the jilling judging jig was up. and -- the jig was up. and he bolted. >> reporter: he kept fighting the bigger guy. they then fought in the living room and kept on until they got to the front lawn out. >> put the leg out, that took him down, and i was able to get him into a headlock. >> reporter: they held onto this man until police arrived. upon he has a record, arrested for burglary about a year ago. the couple is doing fine. santa cruz police are still looking for the guy who got away. in this type of case, the best thing to do is to be a good witness. santa cruz police are also searching for a man who shot a college student in the head. of the 21-year-old woman was at a bus stop near delaware street.
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police offer a $5,000 reward for information. despite of the wound, doctors expect the woman will recover. new at 10:00, putting a cork on a new drinking establishment. that's the idea after people complained their neighborhood is getting a little too rowdy. joe vasquez explains. >> reporter: i'm on polk near bush on a stretch south of broadway that is experiencing a bit of a renaissance. and with it, some growing pains. >> reporter: new eating establishments, new watering holes. lower polk is booming. >> the bar s are bringing more people n. so the area is getting more popular. but not everybody is happy. >> it's turned into a scene of drunken revelry. >> reporter: many of the bars spill into the streets. >> i think it's a positive change.
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>> reporter: some neighbors say it's getting too loud. >> they take up too many storefronts. >> reporter: a small group of residents held a meeting to discuss what some see as a problem. the supervisor says there are 45 bars with liquor licenses in a 6-block area. he says that's enough. so he has proposed legislation that would cap the number of bars. >> i'm not talking about decreasing the number. but we are talking about not increasing the number of establishments selling booze. >> i would like to see it back the way it was in the 70, '80s. >> the '70s and '80s were quiet? you're kidding. >> reporter: bruce bellingham says wait a minute! lower polk used to be very rightfully! at one point, the center of the gay community. it was the castro before the castro >> almost like mardi gras every day. it was wild, and anything went. >> reporter: the supervisor's
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proposal still has some hurdles if go through. but it's expected in the next few months. a look at three men police want to find in connection with a triple homicide in sonoma county. the sheriff released photos from a video taken at a gas station in st. helenna. authorities believe these men may be the accomplices. they are driving a barj-color -- a beige ford ranger that was involved. the main suspects, mark capelo arrested in mobile, alabama, on valentine's day. heel be extradited to sonoma to face charges. the bodies of three men were found in a house in forestville february 5th. the sheriff says there was a lot of blood, but no weapon was found. a makeshift city is growing like a weed right in the middle of san jose. it's so big you
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can see it from a plane when you're approaching the airport. but kpix 5's kit doe says the clock is ticking for the people who call it home. >> reporter: one of san jose's largest homeless encampments is hard to miss. 100 people in 40 tents spread across 28 acres. >> shanty town? is that what this is? >> that's exactly what it is to me. and it's pitiful. i feel bad for these people. >> reporter: the squatters started coming here last month after their nearby encampment was shut down. the setups are elaborate. tarps with logs, window 59, one even had -- panes, one even had a kitchen >> is this a mattress? >> yeah, a big mattress wrapped in plastic. and it's on top of crates, wood. >> reporter: the camp quickly drew attention since it's near the police department. since it's wide open, you can see
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every tent. complaints poured in. because it's in the flight path of planes, even passengers complained. cleanup will cost up to $40,000. the city will keep up the effort until squatters get the message encampments are not welcome. >> you move them from one spot and they pot up in another spot. frustrating? >> it's frustrating but it's part of the process. we have to be consistent in our application and how we work with people. if we continue to work, i think everyone in the city believes that we will have long-term positive results. >> reporter: the massive cleanup begins the week of march 4th, weather permitting. after that, the police department will step up their patrols. they are committed to not let it get thousand ever again. a man who gave police the slip last week is behind bars after a chase through hayward. officers say 22-year-old solomon espinoza took off when they
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spotted him this afternoon. they caught him after he clipped two cars and then crashed of the he was wanted for ditching police during a traffic stop in san leandro last week. he ran off in handcuffs after trying to grab the officer's gun. a ruptured gas line cleared out a city block in san francisco's mission district. pg&e says a contractor working on the sewer accidentally dropped a rock on the 2-inch pipe. it cracked at the t-junction. a petaluma high school student hospitalized with a highly contagious blood infection is in the hospital tonight. people who recently had close contact with the teenager are on antibiotics as a precaution. a message for everyone crossing the golden gate tonight: keep moving!
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the bridge district will start its conversion to all-electric tolls beginning next month. that means no more stopping to pay. there won't be anybody there. of the 20000000 people who drive across -- 20 million people who already drive cross, 70% already use fast track. >> it's i great choice if they want to save money on the golden gate bridge tolls. if you don't want to do that, we recommend a low pressure license plate account. you only -- a license plate account. you only pay when you cross the bridge. >> the transportation district will also set up several electronic cash payment locations around the bay area where you will be able to enter your license plate information and make 1-time payments. hasn't been smooth sailing for san francisco's efforts to raise all the money necessary for the america's cup. >> the city is short of its goal, and now a new
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complication. the offer to host a far bigger event. >> reporter: america's cup is currently underwater, and taxpayers may need to float alone. fundraising isn't going as officials promised. the city has raised $14 million. it promised $30 million. >> reporter: the supervisor john avil os voted for the plan. >> there was a full-court press. officials were in on the game as well. that was to try and move forward an event that served the 1% of this world who are boaters internationally. we made conditions on approval based on their raising money. >> we don't have as many boat, and therefore i think the expenses might have been off, and we kind of have to update and reduce it. >> reporter: there were 12 boats. i couldn't get the real ones. and that was going to
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cause a lot of excitement around the world because they were all from around the world! but then economic trouble set in. and one by one, boats dropped out of the race, leaving only three competitors. now of course it's a smaller race. there are only three boats! that means less money for the city. but private donations are slowing too. >> i thought you and i would get on the boat and then i'd ask you for a million dollars. >> all right. [ laughter ] >> a million dollars. >> oh, gosh ! >> reporter: and now another potential international sporting event. >> san francisco received a letter from the u.s. olympic comity. it's under review. and it's a huge honor just to receive that and be considered. >> reporter: the city is also bidding on the super bowl. it will host the upcoming basic classic in the spring and america's cup in the summer. a little girl catches fire
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inside a hospital! >> thinking back on it now, it's horrible. i can't get it out of my head. >> the role hand sanitizer played in a near tragedy. >> and some turkeys in no hurry to trot. what east bay animal control blames for the flock. >> high pressure back home in the bay area. clear sid skys in san jose and throughout the bay area. chilly tonight. wait till you see the changes i just made to the extended forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,
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it levelled an entire block. and now there's video of the blast blamed for at least one death. surveillance cameras captured the fireball erupting and consuming a restaurant at the crowded outdoor mall yesterday. a body found in the rubble today is believed to be a missing waitress. people had been complaining about the smell of gas in the area but no evacuation was ordered. a cable company working in the area may have helped spark the blast. >> the subcontractor was working for a cable company putting fiber in the area. they hit the line with an underground boring machine. >> and investigators are looking into whether they had the proper permits. a girl is being praised for pulling her 2-year-old sister from the wreckage of a crash that killed her mother.
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investigators believe their mother fell asleep at the wheel tuesday night and slammed head-on into a tree in washington state. the girls huddled under a blanket for hours until a passerby stopped after seeing them. the 2-year-old was severely injured but is alive in the hospital tonight of the the 4-year-old was released last night. a fire in a hospital is bad enough. but it's even worse when it's coming from a little girl using hand sanitizer. the series of events that led to some serious burns. >> she's had one skin graft already. they were giving her shots trying to keep her pain under control. >> reporter: steven lane remembers the terrifying moments of two weeks ago like they were yesterday. >> i heard fire, i'm burning. and when i sat up, she was running out the door toward the nurse's station. >> reporter: to be honest, he'd rather not remember at all. >> it's horrible. i can't get it out of my head most of the
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time. >> reporter: his 11-year-old daughter is a cancer survivor and was at the hospital because she had fallen on her head at school. somehow while waiting to be released, she caught fire. >> all i could think of was i have to put it out. >> reporter: she suffered 3rd degree burns to 18% of her body. investigators think static electricity may have sparked hand sanitizer. >> he said, well, that would make sense because she had droplet burns on her pants when she was sitting down. >> reporter: she was working on arts and crafts and had been cleaning a table with hand sanitizer before the fire started. >> it is an alcohol base. and under the right circumstances it can be flammable. >> reporter: we've shown proof how flammable this stuff can be. woodburn high school was heavily diagrammed by a fire that started when three boys lit sanitizer on fire. >> i would just warn parents
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about letting kids have free reign with the sanitizer. >> reporter: a hospital says they didn't originally release word of the fire because of patient privacy and the fact the investigation is still ongoing. >> we need to wait for the marshal's findings. i'm not an expert in fires. so we want to wait on the findings so we can know for sure what happened. >> reporter: her dad says ireland is doing well. >> she says god never gives you what you can't handle. i tell her she's the strongest person i've ever heard of. wild turkeys are running amok. and neighbors are in a flutter the turkeys arrived in albany around thanksgiving, taking over backyards. it's so bad parents say they're not even letting their children go out
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and play. animal control believes some are feeding them which encourages them to hang around >> you know what works for me? thanksgiving is nine months away! [ laughter ] >> turkeys arriving in a different form. >> let them know you got a calendar. >> go the other direction. [ laughter ] >> here's what we have going on outside. all different directions, the lights on the bay bridge. check this out. we'll show it to you every night we can. what a beautiful display in full-effect on march 5th. the radar, clear skies outside. radar was a whole different ball game in arizona. yes! arizona! s low as low as 1,000 feet above sea level, it was snowing, including on golf courses in tucson where a
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tournament was supposed to be going on. they had to postpone because of snow in tucson. almost cold enough for snow around here in a couple spots. fairfield 34, concord 37, napa, are santa rosa 34. the low pressure area that gave snow to portions of arizona, scottsdale at 2,000 feet had some snow. that's pushing into west texas and new mexico. for us, in the wake of that low pressure area, we have a clockwise throw around there. if you were outside, you felt that breeze today. we'll v that once again tomorrow. the overall weather pattern for the west coast is going to be very stormy, very wet, very snowy in the mountains. but it all is going to miss us to the north because of high pressure parked to our west. the sierra will get some snowfall. but the bay area likely will remain try,
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temperatures trending into the 60s coming for the weekend and next week. mornings chilly, days seasonal: the storms just miss us, a couple showers possible in the extreme north bay. aside from that, dry again for another week. concord, san jose, 59 degrees tomorrow. pittsburgh 58 tomorrow. sunshine in san ramon. extended forecast, low to mid-60s over the weekend and dry. that's where we stay next week. zero rainfall! >> not coming back forever. >> not forever ! some say it turns kids' brains to mush. but you won't believe what facebook can do for the elderly!
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all devices, all the time. this is xfinity internet. call or click to get started today. xfinity. the future of awesome. yahoo has a new look. it unveiled a new home page designed to be more intuitive and allow users to log in through facebook and personalized content. the site is now also optimized for smart
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phones and tablets. and speaking of facebook, hanging out on the social networking site could actually benefit the minds of older americans. a study found that adults over the age of 65 performed better on memory exercises after learning to use facebook compared to their counterparts who didn't. this might have to do with the fact that social interaction and learning a new skill can sharpen mental abilities. his urban art is legendary, from london to the lower haight. banksy left his mark around two dozen buildings in san francisco a few years ago. he was offered $50 by a mystery man who wanted to paint on his wall, now this has reappeared as an auction house. bidding, expected to bring in at least five a million
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dollars. the white house won't say how it got the painting. but the neighborhood wants it back. frosty in the desert? that and the warrior s! oh! they needed some home cooking tonight!
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warriors up top, six straight losses. oh, they needed a home crowd tonight! mark jackson called this the biggest game of the season. message delivered! 211st half
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points -- 21 1st half points on his own. >> gold golden state closes it out in the 4th. and the warriors win it, 108-98. james harden fired up to face his old team, the thunder. half-court shot. good if it goes. 3 of their 46, they beat houston. broncos don't want know what hit them in spokane. the reverse jam. 85-42, and this was the scene in tucson when golf play began, then a blizzard came! golf was suspended. it was houston over oklahoma city. let me backtrack. >> okay.


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